What should I watch out for when using barcode scanners?

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The bar code scanner has been widely used as a practical product identification device. It transforms the analog information transmitted by bar code labels into a digital signal that is easily accepted by people. It is displayed on a computer and becomes an indispensable tool for shops and factories. . Because it is a high-tech product that is closely integrated with optical, mechanical, electronic, and software applications, we must pay attention to the following points when using barcode scanners:

1) Pay attention to keep the optical components clean

Optical imaging components are an important part of the bar code scanner. During use, care should be taken to keep the optics clean and to avoid the effect of dust on the performance of the scanner and reduce the scanning quality.

2) Do not tamper with bar code scanner

When cleaning, do not arbitrarily dismantle, because the optical components in the photoelectric conversion set have very high requirements on the position. Changing the position of the optical component will affect the effect of the bar code scanning gun imaging. Therefore, when cleaning, first wipe with a detergent, then wipe it with a dry rag.

3) Install barcode scanner according to different models

Barcode scanners are not as easy to install as ordinary electrical appliances. Different interface models have different installation methods. Before installation, check whether the computer can properly configure the relevant barcode devices, and then insert the appropriate drivers, and some need to enter. The BIOS settings modify the properties. Therefore, when installing a barcode scanner, different types of processing should be performed according to different models.

4) Correct selection of barcode scanner resolution.

The resolution of the barcode scanner is determined by the user's own needs. If your scanning purpose is to see the image on the monitor, then your resolution is only 100.

5) Position of the scanned object

In the process of applying the image, sometimes we will need to obtain an image with a tilt effect. At this time, we can determine the position of the image on the page in advance, so that using the protractor and the original paper on the roller and the platform to place the original into an accurate angle , so you can get the highest quality image.