New Released: Fast 2d QR barcode scanner for Metro and Bus Ticket-EV-X921T

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When we choose a 2d QR barcode scanner for transportation like metro and bus station, usually we would consider:

– Ensure passengers can scan their barcode and go through quickly, especially when the flow of people is large, and avoid long queues.

For this:
1.The scanning speed must be fast enough.
2.when users show their bar codes from different angles, from different distances, make sure the bar code can be read every time.
3.when the bar code is shown in the user’s phone screen, the size of the phone screens would be various, and we need to make sure the barcode scanner can read the barcode from all of those different sizes of mobile phone screens.
– Avoid failures as much as possible, reduce the cost of subsequent maintenance to the greatest extent, and facilitate maintenance.

Consider these challenges, EVAWGIB recently launched a new product EV-X921T. This EV-X921T is a fast 2d and QR barcode scanner, which is specially designed for the Metro, train, and bus ticketing system.