What is the difference between an industrial barcode scanner and a supermarket barcode reader?

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1. The IP level of the scanner is different

IP rating is one of the important safety performances of electrical products, often referred to as enclosure protection rating. This group of numbers means that the shell of the luminaire can ensure that the luminaire can work safely in the corresponding natural environment, and at the same time, it will not be unsafe to the outside world. There are many factors that affect electrical safety in the natural environment, such as shock vibration, corrosion, explosion, temperature difference, etc., but the most common ones are solid objects: people, animals, tools, and dust; liquids: the invasion of rain, water spray, and immersion. If you think about the industrial environment and the supermarket environment, you know that the industrial environment is relatively harsh compared to the supermarket environment. During the use of the scanner, it is very likely to encounter liquid intrusion, severe shock vibration, and a large amount of dust, etc. factor. Therefore, industrial scanning guns usually have an industrial grade assessment to determine the stability and reliability of the scanning gun. No one wants to buy a scanning gun that will malfunction all day long and delay normal production. On the contrary, the requirements for the IP level of the scanner in the supermarket environment are greatly reduced.

2. The scanning performance of the scanning gun is different

The environment of industrial applications is very complicated. Sometimes it is necessary to scan barcodes under strong light, sometimes it is necessary to operate outdoors, sometimes it is necessary to scan barcodes at a long distance, and sometimes it is necessary to scan barcodes with relatively high density. It cannot meet the special requirements of collecting barcodes in industrial environments. The most common barcode for supermarkets is nothing more than EAN-13 code. Many product barcodes are printed. The quality of the barcode is very good and it is easy to scan. There are many types of scanning guns, but no matter which category of scanning guns, generally is scannable.

3. Different prices of scanners

Industrial scanners are usually drop-resistant, dust-proof, and waterproof, so the price is also high. Although the scanning guns of supermarkets also have a certain IP rating, but for cost considerations, the industrial rating is generally low. It is also impossible for you to throw the scanning guns used in supermarkets maliciously, or soak them in water, so the scanning guns in commercial supermarkets generally range from several hundred to more than one thousand, which is much lower than industrial ones.

Although factory scanners and supermarket scanners are different, the ultimate goal is to better scan and collect barcodes. It's just that different scanning guns are used for different usage environment requirements. Choosing the right product is the right choice.