Top Ten Barcode Scanner/Barcode Scanner Brands china

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Top Ten Barcode Scanner/Barcode Scanner Brand Ranking

barcode scanner brand

1 Symbol (founded in 1975 in the United States, the originator of the world's barcode scanner industry, top ten barcode scanner brands, Motorola Solutions (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

2 Honeywell Honeywell (founded in 1885 in the United States, a world brand, a large multinational group with diversified high-tech and manufacturing, a Fortune 500 company, Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd.)

3 Datalogic (One of the world's leading/Europe's largest barcode scanner/data collector/RFID equipment manufacturers, one of Italy's largest photoelectric sensor manufacturers)

4 Motorola Motorola (founded in the United States in 1928, an innovation leader in the global communication industry, one of the world's earliest manufacturers of handheld laser scanners, Motorola Systems (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

5 CipherLAB (founded in Taiwan in 1988, a global leader in AIDC solutions, one of the most competitive small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan, Saffle Electronics Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

6 Lixiang Argox (Asia's supplier of full line code products and peripheral equipment manufacturers, automatic identification industry leading brands and well-known solution providers, Shanghai Lixiang Computer Co., Ltd.)

7 Zebex Jupu (founded in Taiwan in 1987, top ten brands of barcode scanning, professional barcode scanning equipment and solution provider, Shanghai Jusheng Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd.)

8 Newland Newland (Fujian Newland Automatic Identification Technology Co., Ltd., an enterprise specializing in technical research, product development, manufacturing and product management of data collector equipment)

9 EVAWGIB (National High-tech Enterprise, Shenzhen Software Enterprise, Senior Manufacturer of Professional Barcode Identification Equipment, Shenzhen Dalang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

10 Microscan (founded in the United States in 1982, a brand of Spectris Group, a multinational company focusing on providing precise data acquisition and control solutions)

Well-known (famous) barcode scanner/barcode scanner brand, what brand of barcode scanner is good
The above data list is automatically generated by dozens of data statistics and calculation systems, and the sorting is in no particular order, and it is only provided for your reference.
How to use mobile phone barcode scanner
1. First of all, we still need to install the barcode scanning software on the mobile phone;
2. Start the barcode scanning software from the mobile phone. Generally, it takes a short while for this kind of software to start;
3. Then find the item with a barcode, and display the item barcode in the middle box of the mobile phone barcode scanning software;
4. If it is not scanned once, try to scan up and down slowly, or get closer or farther away, and you should be able to scan it after a few more attempts;
5. If the software scans it, the words "processing" will be displayed in the middle, and the phone will vibrate slightly;
6. After a while, there will be specific results. Among them, the price, date and manufacturer information are more useful. It is recommended to use it when buying items in the supermarket.
How to choose the right barcode scanner
There are mainly three types of commercial barcode scanners: CCD scanner/scanner, laser handheld scanner and full-angle laser scanner.
 1. The CCD scanner uses the principle of photoelectric coupling (CCD) to image the printed pattern of the barcode and then decode it. Its advantages are: no shaft, motor, long service life; cheap price. When choosing a CCD scanner, the two most important parameters are: Depth of field Since the imaging principle of CCD is similar to that of a camera, if you want to increase the depth of field, you need to increase the lens accordingly, so that the CCD is too large and inconvenient to operate. An excellent CCD should be able to read without sticking to the barcode, and it should be moderate in size and comfortable to operate.
 2. The laser handheld scanner is a single-line scanner that uses a laser diode as a light source. It mainly has two types: rotating mirror and vibrating mirror. The representative brand of rotating mirror is SP400, which uses a high-speed motor to drive a prism group to rotate. , so that the single-point laser emitted by the diode becomes a line. The production cost of vibrating mirror type is lower than that of rotating mirror type, but the laser gun of this principle is not easy to increase the scanning speed, which is generally 33 times per second.
 3. The omni-angle scanner is a barcode scanner that refracts the laser light emitted by the laser diode or multiple scanning lines through the optical system. The main purpose is to reduce the labor of aligning the barcode when the cashier enters the barcode data. When choosing, you should pay attention to its Scanning line mottling distribution; There are multiple parallel lines in one direct